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  1. CameronS


    Looking to purchase a DSR. Can collect from CPPS on the 5th of Feb. Cheers Cam
  2. CameronS

    Starting a university paintball team, need advice and a place to train. Based in London.

    Training wise you are probably best to speak with Ronnie at Mayhem Essex. There is the option of Bricket wood however it is a dive these days!
  3. CameronS

    LV1, £300 posted!

    Any movement on price ?
  4. CameronS

    Kit for sale

    Okey Dokey, some sublime items are for sale today. Purchase whilst they are hot to avoid disappointment! 1. Ever felt slightly on the back foot on the field, fear no more for today I have for sale a Superman (or woman) Mac dev clone five, with not one but three bolts, this beast is upgraded to...
  5. CameronS

    Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO

    Do you have a fuel you are looking to sell ?
  6. CameronS

    Full Kit sale, lv1, fuel tank, i4, sprire 3 etc

    ***Post removed**
  7. CameronS

    Playing gear and other bits

    Complete brain fart there
  8. CameronS

    Playing gear and other bits

    size on the slide shorts please ?
  9. CameronS

    Dye UL jersey

    Looking for a Dye UL jesrsey in M/L please. -Cam
  10. CameronS


    Glide Pants to me please