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  1. maca

    Empire EFlex/EVents lenses (SOLD)

    are these sold?
  2. maca

    Small leaving Paintball Sale

    Thought as much Dean, had to be waiting just in case. Think of my little bro mate:D good luck with your new marker (y)
  3. maca

    Small leaving Paintball Sale

    I know you've had offers already but any problems with the sales please let me know as i would take the ETek a bottle and the loader for 150 cash for my little brother and can meet somewhere as i'm also based in Essex
  4. maca

    DYE Core Air Tank 1.1l 4500psi with Ninja Pro Reg V2

    Is the Tank still available mate
  5. maca

    Hobbies other than paintball...

    That must of been one of your top fishing moments mate a serious fish from a hard water, its a shame what went on with the Cemex waters. Good luck for this season fella