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  1. Waste O'Paint

    COD map: Shipment

    Naah.. it gets messy after 10v10... 7v7 plays perfectly!.
  2. Waste O'Paint

    COD map: Shipment

    I run a 68ci tank on my back and a remote line... Depending on the field it's wither semi @10.5bps or semi @7bps I play mostly against FSR people... they don't mind the rate of fire that much. And i don;t really abuse it. Had only 1 complaint, which resulted in the 7bps cap at one field...
  3. Waste O'Paint

    COD map: Shipment

    some more pics on instagram. (i sold gtek160r, back to normal gtek) It is a grek with some furniture made out of pvc pipe and 10 rounders from the top. remote line, 68cl tank on the back
  4. Waste O'Paint

    COD map: Shipment

    some more pics on instagram. (i sold gtek160r, back to normal gtek) It is a grek with some furniture made out of pvc pipe and 10 rounders from the top. remote line, 68cl tank on the back
  5. Waste O'Paint

    COD map: Shipment

    Recreation of Call of Duty’s map Shipment. No idea how accurate…. I do not play CoD… People say it is close. CQB action. Plays well against mostly FSR operators) 7 vs 7 5 mins respawns, 5 mins no-respawns 5 kills 1 death (which I cut out. Nothing to see there) The last dude was out of bounds...
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    Carpet Hero Runs

    Mayhem PACIFIC X 2020 – BIG GAME Day 3 – Main Battle We are being pushed back on all fronts. I join the right flank after our team is pushed out of the “Speedball” field. Holding down the corner; and trying to get a foothold on Speedball to start pushing them back. We held off all their...
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    Proper Teamwork

    Back to magfed.. In this game 3 of us pushed the left flank to capture the ever important tree trunk in the corner of the field. It's the log of power on this field - whoever holds it - ends up winning
  8. Waste O'Paint

    Best Defence is .... ATTACK!

    Castle defense... Usually on this field defenders can only go so far... apparently not this time)
  9. Waste O'Paint

    Mayhem PACIFIC Big Game - First Game

    FIrst game of the Mayhem Pacific X big game - 3 days of paintball fun, this is the beginning
  10. Waste O'Paint

    Hot Day Paintballin'

    Some magfed action in a heat wave... Most magfed'ers stick to their "tactical" gear - I ditched everything - shorts and t-shirt
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    First Game of the Year... in JULY!!!! it's a crying shame....

    First game of the year… bloody viruses! Trying to get a baterang kill all day… came really close, but no cigar... (I got one later in the day - that's coming) Overall - got the bomb, pushed the enemy base, delivered the bomb to enemy base. All round team effort on this one! So glad to be...
  12. Waste O'Paint

    Long Corridor - Magfed

    This one is a little bit of a music video... Style over substance. Felt bad, so added some extra substance at the end as part 2. And the thumbnail is rubbish... and i misspelled "corridor" on the thumbnail... This is not by best work)
  13. Waste O'Paint

    Kicking down Doors - Magfed Paintball

    Probably the coolest kill I ever got playing paintball... and some other footage. but mostly the kicking-the-door one)
  14. Waste O'Paint

    Forest Warfare (magfed)

    Playing magfed in the woods. Lots of trees. Some good plays, some stupid plays... Some stubborn lunacy at the end... just had to get to that plane
  15. Waste O'Paint

    "Perfect" Flank

    Pretty good flank on a 9v9 magfed game (5 kills, i think). It is not perfect... but you know... hate click-bate... but i want more than 100 views one of these days))
  16. Waste O'Paint

    Working in Pairs - Magfed Paintball

    Me and my brother were doing work... First time I was involved in anything that can me considered "teamwork"
  17. Waste O'Paint

    The Good. The Bad. The Silly.

    Had some clips left in the vault... put them all together... this came out:
  18. Waste O'Paint

    VIP Objectives - MagFed

    Played a couple of rounds of VIP-objectives. Get your VIP to enemy base to win, or just shoot the enemy VIP in the head. Round 1 - got the to the enemy base Round 2 - shot the enemy VIP in the head (spoilerz)
  19. Waste O'Paint

    Full round of paintball

    This one's a bit longer...
  20. Waste O'Paint

    Nemesis Series - Ep.1

    I've started a series of videos dedicated to all those people that shoot me a lot. First place in that list goes to Andrew, no contest there. He shoots me plenty! Most of the time we shoot each other in the first 30 seconds and go wait in the safe zone. And he has the coolest camo I've seen (not...
  21. Waste O'Paint

    Fails and One sort-of Win

    I had some footage of what might be considered "fails". Put it together with some music:
  22. Waste O'Paint

    The "Kill-House" - CQB Magfed Paintball

    Let's say.... they were tactical and provided strategic support, maintained supply lines and covered the retreat)
  23. Waste O'Paint

    The "Kill-House" - CQB Magfed Paintball

    They call this thing "the KillHouse". CQB... extra emphasis on the "C" part... Lot's of pain, lot's of fun. There was some "surrender" bs in the middle, which pissed me off to no end..
  24. Waste O'Paint

    Behind Enemy Lines (feat. a real NINJA)

    The usual flank & die action... This time there was a ninja on the enemy team. Trying out a longer format) So some random plays from the day in the end
  25. Waste O'Paint

    Intense Woodland Push

    GoPro Hero7. filming 2.7k @120fps
  26. Waste O'Paint

    Intense Woodland Push

    Subscribe to the channel - you can see a lot more) You have a chance to be subscriber number 100)))
  27. Waste O'Paint

    NORTH v SOUTH [Big Game]

    Word of mouth mostly.... This one was on an active military base, kinda well known one... There is a really cool one in the end of July called PaintFest. I cannot make it, but recommend that one. (around Birmingham) Mayhem BIG...
  28. Waste O'Paint

    Intense Woodland Push

    MagFed day at Splatooon Capture the fort.... they were holding us off for quite a while... i kept taking FSR's to all the most unpleasant places. But we got the job done in the end)
  29. Waste O'Paint

    Carrying the Team

    The new forum looks great! This one's from magfed only game at Splatoon Paintball. 8vs8, respawns, need to collect ammo crates.. 3 of them 8 kills and 1 ammo crate collected) No cuts in this video at all. From "3....2....1....GO!!" to the end. reloads, breaks, the lot. the rest of the round...