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  1. lavenm

    Empire Axe Pro

    I still have it, are you at big game this weekend?
  2. lavenm

    Empire Axe Pro

    Someone asked me to pick them up a cheap starter package and then changed their minds after I bought it so need to move it on. In OK condition, rubber cover has gone on joystick as normal. £90. Body only no barrel but easy to find as AC thread. Available at Mayhem big game happy for you to try...
  3. lavenm

    Getting back to the game

    Which is the walkon site near you, as your best bet may be pop along on a walkon day and see what people are using and there are lots of helpful guys around that would let you have a look or even try some markers out. Cant comment on the habervision but grills are ok and if they are a good fit...
  4. lavenm

    Please remove thread. Thanks

    Interested in the Luxe. Has it had the problems with the board like some others have reported like voices going crazy etc?