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  1. Bolter

    Tippman smg 68

    You could try the MCB forum or Bacci paintball although I just checked the latter and couldnt find one. Good luck with your search!
  2. Bolter

    Tippman smg 68

  3. Bolter

    Different paint opinions

    You can always ask about the paint, I doubt anyone would mind questions, its what they go for :) *how is the paint? *how is everyone finding the paint? *can i have a look at a couple, is there a bag open?
  4. Bolter

    Different paint opinions

    If you are not tied into a paint deal through sponsorship, its always best to try each paint on the day. Ask for a few balls of each, do a drop test etc
  5. Bolter

    old timer wanting a bit of help

    Hi Ian nice to see a chameleon about!
  6. Bolter

    ISO Some Paintballs!

    Also even if they are gone, your kit wont get destroyed. Just a little clean up at worst.
  7. Bolter

    ISO Some Paintballs!

    If they feel solid, fit down the barrel, havent sweated, im pretty sure you'll be fine bro.
  8. Bolter

    Heaviest paintball weapon >500 lbs

    How are you going to double knee slide with that?
  9. Bolter


    the russian legion were saying similar while shooting it at the field.
  10. Bolter

    Questionable Behaviour?

    Jon hasnt been near my pants. Mainly cause I dont wear any.
  11. Bolter

    NXL Europe - Dreux(g)!

    Amazing result!
  12. Bolter

    05 Black Magic Manual is all i can find but surely these will be close?
  13. Bolter

    Getting into the paintball business

    I think you might struggle with that budget mate, although there are guns in that price range, Im not sure if they will fit all your criteria of beginner, professional and spring powder something like this would be ideal...
  14. Bolter


    Welcome (y)
  15. Bolter

    Good Old Sites & Where Did You Start Playing?

    Very true. My team (minus me) entered the Airsoft masters a few years ago and won :D not sure how well that went down in the Airsoft community!
  16. Bolter

    Good Old Sites & Where Did You Start Playing?

    Loads of paintballers play Airsoft too, no hate here. There's fun to be had with both games
  17. Bolter

    A blast from the past.

    :LOL: I was just kidding with you. Would you like a hand?
  18. Bolter

    I Thought Co2 Was As Dead As Fried Chicken

    Get em Tom! Oh you did
  19. Bolter

    Good Old Sites & Where Did You Start Playing?

    My first punter day was at.... I have no idea where. Was a work team building day and I was 16. I got driven there and back and had a hoot! First tournament was at Dragons Lair in the woods few years later First Sup Air was I think Esher Rugby club First Pro event was at Toulouse Millennium...
  20. Bolter

    A blast from the past.

    Pic or it didn't happen
  21. Bolter

    A blast from the past.

    Just making sure you know the score Over here, you'll be lucky to get quite that much, but i would hate for you to take the first £60 offer thinking that's it
  22. Bolter

    A blast from the past.

    All 3 depending on condition etc are probably worth more than you'd expect. Ask for a fair appraisal before you post up a for sale thread to get a guage on it.
  23. Bolter

    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Yep I still own all mine apart from 1 set I sold as I just didn't get on with them. My first goggle I used for over a decade all over Europe!
  24. Bolter

    Formula 5 information inc Facebook page.

    Sorry I was attempting to play with my food.
  25. Bolter

    Hey Y’all

    Hi mate, hope you are well?
  26. Bolter

    Formula 5 information inc Facebook page.

    Admin from what?
  27. Bolter

    'Pro' events in Europe

    I love a good deadline