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  1. powell106

    Tiberius arms cqb 9.1 (sold)

    Sold now sorry buddy. Hadn't marked it up
  2. powell106

    Tiberius arms cqb 9.1 (sold)

    Open to offers A pistol/mp5 like paintball marker that can be hopper fed or magazine fed. 3 magazines and loads of extras. Been sat about in a box after being used about 6 years ago so will probably need a service or someone that knows what they're doing! This maybe should be in the older...
  3. powell106

    NORTH v SOUTH [Big Game]

    havent been to a big game since about 2012. How did you find it maybe I should keep some old kit and go to 2020!
  4. powell106

    Tippmann TPX Mag. Mod.

    I wish I had seen this all the years ago when I had a TPX!
  5. powell106

    Intense Woodland Push

    Havent played in yars but its super cool to see what people are doing with high quality cams!
  6. powell106

    Tiberius arms CQB 9.1

    if it helps anyone I do have photos aswell just let me know and I'll happily post them in here
  7. powell106

    Tiberius arms CQB 9.1

    I have a tiberius arms CQB 9.1 that needs to go its been wasted in a box for about 8 years I would think. The company doesnt even seem to exist anymore? Its the one that was a pistol or a mp5 like marker. 3 clips and allot of extras. I have no idea what it would be worth or if anyone would even...
  8. powell106

    Elliot T's Collection of Classic Markers

    these are amazing. but all existed when last i played! :')
  9. powell106

    Chapter 1 - The Rise and Fool of UK Paintball ...

    this is a great read! thanks for the day filler!
  10. powell106


    So I am having a clearout after years not playing the game at all. However I might keep my a5. Does anyone still use them?
  11. powell106

    Magfed newb needs help and company

    always wanted a dye dam years ago would be interested in how you found it having always used tiberius guns!
  12. powell106

    GI layoffs

    I havent played in around 6 or 7 years but its crazy to see some of the huge brands falling apart!
  13. powell106

    3D Printing a marker?

    I would of thought parts would make more sense than the actual gun itself. Youd need excess parts for tubing and such anyways right!
  14. powell106

    What grinds your gears?

    I'm sad to see that this didnt have much action in it i was looking forward to a good read :'(