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  1. SEAR

    3 vehicles destroyed within 1 minute on magfed scenario

    You should visit Apache Snow event. It is happening each August in western Bohemia
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    17 kills and several vehicles destroyed on a single mission

    It has been a long time since our last scenario game. Luckily we managed to attend the biggest European magfed event again!
  3. SEAR

    Paintball mortar demonstration

    I do not want to create a new thread for a very similar content. I hope my next video will be from a real game when this lockdown is over
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    Paintball mortar demonstration

    Only the whistling you can hear in the audio. You will notice it, but they are not exactly screaming :)
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    Paintball mortar demonstration

    The development of our new mortar has been finished. It is semi-replica of a British SMBL 2" mortar - the only really successful 50 mm mortar in the war. It was used into '80 in the British army and its clone is used even nowadays by the Indian army. It has great ergonomics, reliability and...
  6. SEAR

    How to smoothly kill a vehicle (1:15 min)

    We would love to build a British 2pdr AT gun replica in case we find someone brave enough :)