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  1. thomas111

    Tippman magfed marker

    Got this a while ago only used once in my back garden it's been just sitting in my wardrobe since so it's got a green/red optic sight and a forgrip handle and sling I have miss placed the hopper adapter but it's a magfed so looking for £230 Ono I will ship with TNT/ FedEx
  2. thomas111

    YUNEEC Typhoon H pro drone

    here is my well looked after typhoon h pro drone for sale as not using it enough it comes with 4 batteries skyview goggles and duel charger as well and the ST16 controller and the holder for it to sit in while round your neck also comes with the wizard controller if you want to fly it while on...
  3. thomas111

    Why no 4500psi fills

    I play scenario and when I started playing over 20 years ago you got both fills now with the 3000 fill I run out of air before paint when the sites had 4500 I would run out of paint still left with at least 1000psi I understand if u play tourney or use magfed that is not a issue
  4. thomas111

    Why no 4500psi fills

    Thanks Tom
  5. thomas111

    Why no 4500psi fills

    Back in the day when H-PAC was on the scene you use to get 3000 fill and 4500 so why does games not have 4500 fills yet shops still sell 4500 bottles
  6. thomas111

    Sad news - Dave Walton, Gommie RIP

    Rip gommie thanks for all the laughs and being a friend
  7. thomas111

    Pro Shar paintballs

    Hi folks thinking on trying the pro Shar paint for NvS anyone tried them how do they shoot
  8. thomas111

    Sold - Tippman TPX Pistol and Rotor

    Do you still have the rotor