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  1. Ngamer

    Walk on paintball

    Phoned them up and sadly they are not having people this weekend for NXL just had a spray in my back garden got that itch if you know anywhere else would be grand. Guess I need to be patient... F
  2. Ngamer

    Walk on paintball

    thankyou so much will phone them up and fly over this weekend much love man
  3. Ngamer

    UKPSF Players AGM

    jheez Ainsley up there i remember being on the lucky under 15s what a legend the good old days
  4. Ngamer

    Walk on paintball

    Hi all, Was looking for a sight that does walk on for own gunners seems that most sights dont allow you to just casually turn up on sights with your own guns was hoping to be pointed in the right direction so i can get abit of aim train in pre the big game (havent played in many years) based in...