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    Pistol recommendations

    ;)(y) Mate, I totally geeked out when I first got mine. Got hooked on the whole 50cal scene, stopped looking at porn and got caught searching for pics of custom revolvers and cosplay weaponry... o_O:love::giggle:
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    Pistol recommendations

    +1 for the revolver - bought mine from RAP/MCS and branded as TR50 (same as the HDR I believe). Some nice features like the grip co2 system :cool:
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    Pistol recommendations

    I have a Tiberius T9.1 - the hand grip is massive and the overall pistol is larger than a Spyder MR1. That being said, it's a cracking piece of kit. The old Splatmasters are a hoot to use, but you have to recock after every shot. Ask your friends if you can play a game/s with their TipX's...
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    Tiberius arms cqb 9.1 (sold)

    As the buyer, I would be very happy to deal with this member again - great comms and a straight guy to deal with! Many thanks again!