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    Looking for a place to play???

    Interesting rules, is this still going?
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    Does anyone have any Anti Fog suggestions?

    I use Muc-off which is for mountain bikes and downhill riders, generally no issues with a good thermal lens. I also race fpv drones and my goggles use a small fan which is weak enough to not dry eyes but still enough to keep the lenses free... especially at 90mph towards a tree
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    Email Verification

    I had this issue with Hotmail, it went straight to spam
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    Welcome fellow newbie!
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    Trying to ressurect an old tippman 98...

    Brilliant reply thank you, very informative. As I don't have a bottle for it, it was last tested at a paintball site so I can't elimate the use of low gas pressure. It had been stripped recently with all o rings replaced. I'll open it up again and check the wear on the bolt and trigger to...
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    Trying to ressurect an old tippman 98...

    So i have 2 tippmann 98s, one is my main, the other I bought as a back up... sadly I can't get this one to work. Symptoms are, trigger pull followed by tapering fart noise. Kind like a low tank sound. Is this a power tube issue? What would be the best first points of check
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    What paintball masks are the best on the market and why?

    I'm running a 10 year old jt flex 8 and it's never let me down. I like the full head style and it's not stuffy. Lens swapping is a pain tho
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    Questionable Behaviour?

    It's a dangerous world nowadays, even being nice has its risks. Glad to see this sorted
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    First E marker recommendations

    Well that's 20-30 I'd not have not selling it I guess
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    Tippmann 98 custom price help

    Thanks all, it needs to shift so I'll stick it up for 60 quick I think!
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    Tippmann 98 custom price help

    It's well concelled in the black plastic surrounding the barrel. The barrel actually exits the marker abo It's a bent barrel hidden in the plastic shroud surrounding it
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    Tippmann 98 custom price help

    Hi guys, please can someone please help me on a guide price on the below as a whole. I'm trying to budget for an e marker so this is on the chopping block. Really no idea what I could get for it now! Is it considered a classic - tippmann 98 custom marker - fully working, recently serviced...
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    First E marker recommendations

    Nice, thanks for that I'll take a look. I loved the ego, opened my own on site spray tan facility
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    First E marker recommendations

    Oh... how much would it be worth now? Generally speaking?
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    First E marker recommendations

    Thanks for that, yeah you're right. Poss up to 400 quid should do it. I have a tipmman 98 to shift which will soften the blow. I'm just so out of touch
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    First E marker recommendations

    Hi All, I'm going to be moving away from my mechanical tipmman 98 and could use a steer on the state of the e marker market. I feel like it's a minefield! I used to have an ego 8 back in the day buy I don't have the cash (or wife approval) to do that again! What's everyone using that's...
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    Online Paintball Guide from a Parent for Parents

    Great idea! I think any parent has PTSD after watching biker grove in the 90s so this is great to remove that stigma
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    Collective opinions on which mask and why

    Old but gold, the JT flex 8 for me. I went full headed as a noob with a chrome visor and it looks the nuts. It offers the protection but can be a little stifling on a warm day