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  1. Dantethevamp

    Empire Axe Pro Advice

    I've got an Empire Axe Pro I'm considering parting with, but no idea where to start on price for it. I've installed the Lurker Eigenbolt and poppet into it, it's been recently serviced by BZ about two weeks ago and not used since, and is in near mint condition. Any thoughts on what I might be...
  2. Dantethevamp

    Price Drop! Kit Sale - Odds and Ends

    Price Drop, see above for new prices!
  3. Dantethevamp

    Price Drop! Kit Sale - Odds and Ends

    PRICE DROP! So, after finding some time to go through things, these are all the spares I've got that I don't really need. All reasonable offers considered. Full list of items below with prices. I'm happy to ship and split the cost of shipping or arrange collection at CPPS or other local venue...
  4. Dantethevamp

    Places to play West Midlands

    Paintball Park Kidderminster, Very good park, great prices, at least two walk-ons a month. Highly recommend them! Haven't been there myself in some time as I've had my own money constraints but definitely one of the cheapest options around. Plus, free...