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  1. rocknroll

    Vforce profiler black

    As above please
  2. rocknroll

    Planet Eclipse SL8R

    Does it work? That's the biggest thing in terms of value
  3. rocknroll

    Mask Max £90

    Warped Paintball Gear Ltd The Old Railway Station Worcester Road Cosford Wolverhampton WV7 3EY These guys stock loads of different brands
  4. rocknroll

    Mask Max £90

    If you want full coverage this is the best bet
  5. rocknroll

    Mask Max £90

    No, it's for Airsoft so has been rated for Airsoft.
  6. rocknroll

    Mask Max £90

    If you can get to a shop super5s, just paintball or bz paintball they all carry a massive selection of masks, that way you can try some on and see what fits you best.
  7. rocknroll

    Mask Max £90

    I highly doubt any UK paintball site would allow you to use a mesh mask like the one you've posted. If you want a full coverage paintball mask look at the JT Flex 8.
  8. rocknroll

    JT proflex bits

    I'll get some photos up shortly
  9. rocknroll

    JT proflex bits

    Colour and budget?
  10. rocknroll

    Mega kit sale (updated prices)

    Can I have the monkey with a gun headband, HK headband and eclipse pack please?
  11. rocknroll

    Wanted: Infamous Cs2

    I think Greg Kelly might have one
  12. rocknroll

    WTB Bottle/tank (either steel or carbon)

    You can get a brand new 3k steelie from just paintball for £40
  13. rocknroll

    Loader , Bottle, Lens and Mask cases

    £25 posted. Good condition, both zips work. Just a bit dusty
  14. rocknroll


    They definitely took on more of the e-vent characteristics than the proflex
  15. rocknroll


    I think JP have a set or two.....I think
  16. rocknroll


    At the moment the copter is possibly the only proflex retailers might have in stock, as above the secondhand market has blown up so parts are out there but be prepared to pay.
  17. rocknroll

    PE pack

    Looking for 4+3 pack, around £40 posted any colours considered
  18. rocknroll

    Bob Long Victory pressure tester

    As above please folks, bit of a long shot but it's always worth an ask
  19. rocknroll

    JT Faceplates

    Proflex or prosheild
  20. rocknroll

    Older Ego's

  21. rocknroll

    Freak Barrel Inserts Case

    Id be interested in one of the exalt cases of you're still looking to sell?
  22. rocknroll

    Looking to buy JT Flex parts

    Anything in particular?
  23. rocknroll

    Older DMs

    What banil said really, £80-£100 would be a fair price.
  24. rocknroll

    Older DMs

    Once you're sorted for what you need, if anyone else has a 9 knocking about. I'd be interested, obviously banil gets first dibs
  25. rocknroll

    Appraisal help

    I can't remember when I got this but I've had it for a few years I'm guessing. It's a empire battle tested jersey in XL-XXL.
  26. rocknroll

    Big kit clearout

    Cheeky offer of £30 posted
  27. rocknroll

    Big kit clearout

    How much are you asking for it?
  28. rocknroll

    Big kit clearout

    Is the ID trigger available?
  29. rocknroll

    Selling kit for a friend - Geo 2.1 / PE Compact gear bag prices

    Condition is key on both items, If the bag is in good condition you could get around 60-80. Some gear bags hold there money. Geo, depending on the colour way and what it comes with 200-230. Get some photos as that'll help with the valuations
  30. rocknroll

    JT Soft Ear Screws