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  1. ant290

    Ever wondered what happens when your bottle gets tested?!

    As p8ntballers, we put a lot of faith in our equipment. we throw ourselves into bunkers or trees and dive over lanes of paint / through bushes with little regard to the effect it has on our equipment. a lot of the time, we will just assume that its going to work out OK on the other side. I...
  2. ant290

    Good youtube channels of uk ballers.

    Been watching some of this channel they often have a decent amount of footage up of a field that is about to become cpps, so if you cant get to train on that field, at least you can see some of how it might play. OFC Nicky has his channel...
  3. ant290

    PBM Red Vs Blue

    So this weekend saw the Paintball Magazine's reds VS Blues event @ Holmbush. Videos of the tank and some pictures of winners etc have started to surface already! (it was today). (the tank vid)
  4. ant290


    Where do you get your audio fill of paintball content? I have been listening to the JRab and Nick Loveall "Over the Top" podcast here: they got the inside scoop on the Fedorov / Sergei beef. also, from home grown content, been listening to the UK Paintball...
  5. ant290

    DM7 & 9 parts

    Trying to build a little backlog of spares for some guns that need looking after, if you have a broken old dye (or proto perhaps) marker that you don't know what to do with, drop us a message and I might well have it off ya! things i am particularly looking for right now: Eye Pipes DM7 / 9...