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  1. rocknroll

    Ego 10 or 11

    Someone must have one sat in the loft doing nothing apart from collecting dust! Any colours considered Thanks
  2. rocknroll

    MWAG strap (monkey with a gun)

    Looking for a Monkey With A Gun strap, ideally in good useable condition so none that are baconed please. Thanks!
  3. rocknroll

    JT screws

    Quite simply put I've managed to loose the sets i did have. Post up what you have
  4. rocknroll

    FR back and tip

    Both in black if possible, post up photos with a price. Cheers!
  5. rocknroll

    Kit clear out

    Bit of a clear out of kit, all to be collected at paintfest. 1. PE CS1/CS1.5 grip kits black and orange/red £20 each 2. DYE rotor gen3 black/blue comes with a exalt speed feed, no rain lid. It's seen plenty of use so it's a little battered hence the price. SOLD 3. DYE tank cover black/grey...