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    O ring kits

    Anyone know where I could obtain an O-ring kit for a DM6 in the UK? Captain O-ring would be my go to, but shipping is crippling and places like JustPB only have DM9 onwards.
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    Getting back to the game

    After a particularly enjoyable public game with some friends yesterday and finding out there’s a walk on site sub-30 minute drive from my front door I’m getting back into the game. It’s been about 6 years since I last played and I was on a shoestring originally. Now that I have a little more...
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    Does anyone have any Anti Fog suggestions?

    Does the Habervision Eliminator fit on V Force Grills? Played earlier and was fogged up terrible as soon as I got slightly warm (which happens quickly).
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    Thinking of getting back into it

    Hi I played many years back (2013/14 or so) and am doing a weekend tomorrow with work, but it gave me an itch. Are there good walk ons near Epsom? I have my own kit, although will probably need to do a full rebuild of my marker as the seals will be totally shot by now. Thanks.