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  1. Worr Monger

    Autococker Trilogy Tactical

    For sale i have one of my Autocockers the Trilogy Tactical. This has been sat around in my loft for a few years so i need a clear out. This will need to be fully serviced before use as it worked great a few years ago but has been put away in storage and not cleaned due to moving. All parts...
  2. Worr Monger

    Laysick 50/50 Bottle cover

    Looking for the Laysick 50/50 bottle cover that separates into two parts. I'm after a maximum of two so if you have some to part with then message please. Thanks.
  3. Worr Monger

    Karnivor and Bits

    For sale i have one of my Karnivores that has been sat around for a while. It was turned into a mech a while ago but still has all the pieces to turn it back to its former glory. In the mech form it has a Pops asa, Belsales Evo Hollo-point 3 way, Belsales Evo 44 magnum ram and Inception marker...
  4. Worr Monger

    Planet FR Pro Tip wanted any colour.

    As the title says i'm looking for the FR Pro tip in good condition and in any colour so please message me with what you have.