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  1. Bud

    Is grass roots ball dead!!

    Currently setting up a site and the plan was to go with paintball but upon speaking to other site owners and seeing that independent sites have sold up or scrapped paintball on their sites completely i have decided on a business front to bin that idea and go in a different direction, is grass...
  2. Bud

    Arm Bands query

    In need of arm bands, where can i source them from, does any one know :)
  3. Bud

    Will split ...GTEK 170R with bottle and Spire 3 with freak kit

    Purchased Oct 19 used 3 times and 8711 balls through it ........... looking for 450 for gun and sensible offers for bottle hopper and freak.
  4. Bud

    Hyper ball piping

    odd question, any site owners who have this hyper ball pipe where do you get to from, ive seen twin wall stuff but its expensive, all i need is basic stuff. any info would be appreciated.
  5. Bud

    Help needed about coveralls suppliers

    Question to site owners or anyone that knows of coverall suppliers that cater for all sizes from 5yr olds up to adult please!
  6. Bud

    which one and why .....

    GTek 170r or go extra and CS2, been out of the game a decade. (y)