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  1. Tom

    Looking to sell marker

    The quick way is to upgrade your membership to platinum, the slow way is to contribute to the forum making about 20 posts across a few weeks
  2. Tom

    GoPro/Action camera

    I’m going to say that they look like a lot of money for 4K camera ‘bundles’ that don’t really have much in them (Based on a quick look without seeing much information on specifications) For half their prices you could get a 4K camera, large accessory packs, SD card with double their capacity...
  3. Tom

    Kit clear out - everything as a package

    This is in the advice area (for example if you were after an appraisal for price suggestions etc) which isn’t part of classifieds, it needs to go here:
  4. Tom

    Billy Ceranski Tells All .... well .... maybe not all but quite a bit actually.

    .... except for new HPA airsoft guns ..... followed by complaints that HPA is more powerful, cycles faster, isn’t fair compared to AEG
  5. Tom

    Is an Ego 11 worth it in 2019?

    Any gun made in modern times can easily hold itself in a tournament. Technology has moved on over the years, but is pretty much just a tweak here and there Rules in events limit the capability, the only problem is for the really old kit that can’t be limited down to current rules
  6. Tom

    Old markers can anyone help identify and would i be able to sell them to someone?

    You will be able to sell them on the forum, but in the classifieds. New users don’t get automatic access to the classifieds and need to either contribute to the forum with a number of posts over a period of time..... not hard if you can contribute with your background in paintball, particularly...
  7. Tom

    Mental health - let's lose the taboo.....

    Tell her to calm down, or play Russian roulette The odds in Russian roulette may be better
  8. Tom

    Gossip, scandal, bragging rites and all that Jazz ....

    (Slight deviation, but it is Paintfest related) Preamble .... We (TFD) ran the killhouse on behalf of Enola Gaye and NPF, with our 4th instalment of the Battle Royale series, and at the party were harrasing anyone and everyone to come down on Sunday. (Paintfest & AirFest players) After Joy...
  9. Tom

    New Times needs New Blood ....

    Thanks for thinking of us Good times to come
  10. Tom

    Places to play West Midlands

    NPF has Paintfest this weekend (Friday to Sunday) and Diamond Wars on a monthly basis CPPS has tournament fields only, its series runs on a monthly basis during the season, check them out on Facebook or the contact details on their website to confirm opening on other dates...
  11. Tom

    Privileges to post on for sale posts

    The alternative is to upgrade your account to Platinum membership which supports the forum and gives you direct classifieds access
  12. Tom

    New Beginnings …….

    Damn you and your gauntlet throwing ..... I don’t have such an illustrious Paintball career as others, but I’m in my 15th year and have had many experiences that I never expected to come out from one days punter ball back in 2004. I did get asked to put together a presentation last year to fill...
  13. Tom

    New Beginnings …….

    It may seem obvious to some readers ..... but the obvious basics are rarely obvious and often forgotten. Your example shows the tournament / sup air situation where the slightest opportunity counts. But it doesn’t just belong on the speedball field, every player can benefit no matter what their...