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    Tips for getting started in Paintball

    crazy, but i've never given my ears that much thought. Seems like you only pay attention when it's too late eh
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    Tips for getting started in Paintball

    profile pic says 9 years later you embraced that role! ;)
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    Donald Trump

    Looking back at this today made me laugh. Still relevant!
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    Final Cut Pro?

    If this is of any use to you or to anyone else with the same issue, check out Daniel Schiffer on youtube as he's a FCPX user. Peter Mckinnon is good too, but premiere. Look up 'how to edit', 'editing tips', etc. Also, WhoIsMatt is great and thoroughly answering all the little questions...
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    How to smoothly kill a vehicle (1:15 min)

    Imagine using this for a stag doe! Where is this?