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  1. Jaymanelite

    Good job Robbo

    Hi Tom, yea I know its very token to go through the 20 posts but just trying to find good things to reply to (like worthwhile). And as some of my teammates know I got through phases of wanting to buy stuff and I'm limited on a student budget. So maybe I'll hold off... or maybe not...
  2. Jaymanelite

    Paintball computer games

    Sadly all I see are dodgey mods which don't look any good. My only recommendation is play cod with your paintball mates. Our team do that and its great fun and great for a chat.
  3. Jaymanelite

    Good job Robbo

    Honestly, I'm late to this forum party but trying to get the comments to meet 20. Still happy to go through BSTs to be a bit nosey.
  4. Jaymanelite

    Gloucestershire fields and teams

    Hi mate, I usually live in Gloucestershire however I'm at Uni in Leeds. We havn't had any teams for a while and the last local sup air fields near us were Bristol and Combat Splat. With teams don't think you'll get much luck there it's just a case of travelling to CPPS. If you need any more...