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  1. Spikerz

    NXLE - Amsterdam

    2 weeks out. The biggest event in Europe in the last 10 years? Maybe the largest major speed ball event...ever? GI Sports coming back to Europe (per their new President Billy Ceranski). Exalt, DYE, HK, VALKEN! - All coming to this event as sponsors, which is a huge win, as the most consistent...
  2. Spikerz

    NXL - Chicago Open

    oops sort of late off the mark for this one! Congrats to XFactor for back to back wins, and knocking Impact out as Series Champions (no way for them to get it now...I'm pretty sure). AC back in the finals for another loss, I think that's 3 or 4 losses in the finals for them. Always the...
  3. Spikerz

    P8NT to return?!

    So the original crew who took our sport/hobby, to a photographic level that no one thought was possible. (Just look at that cover of Matty!, Hat backwards, tweaking an autococker, in black and white) Has create a hard back tome that captures paintball history in the massive...
  4. Spikerz

    Hot Ones and Exalt gloves

    Dude's rockin' those exalt gloves while eating hot wings on Hot Ones youtube show!
  5. Spikerz

    GI layoffs

    Appears to be another round of layoffs at GI (unknown total staff number), however, Brad McCurley was let go. He had a massive "fire(d)" sale with a not too nice hashtag #F...GI basically. Which he then pulled down, but still selling his stuff. Rumors abound that it's due to Empire losing...
  6. Spikerz

    NXLE - Prague

    The place where Gaz has hung out like 47 times. A pound for a pint. Strippers for cheap, and the distinct possibility of taxi drivers selling you to some Balkan mafia guys to be used as their sex doll. Who will reign supreme!? Legion? Impact going to be angry and come stomp on people? Golden...