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  1. Marc0

    FS/UK Empire Sniper Pump

    Hi All, Selling on behalf of a team mate, marker in my possession. Empire Sniper Pump market in frankly stunning acid wash/splash custom anno. Go one step cooler than mechanical by going pump ! Comes in original box with all three barrel backs, barrel front and stick feed adaptor all also...
  2. Marc0

    FS/UK planet CF & FR barrels

    For Sale 1: Planet Eclipse rare as rocking horse poo 14” Carbon Fibre Shaft front, good condition. £100.00 all in or collected. 2: Planet Eclipse FR back in Dust Silver. £40.00 all in or £35.00 collected. 3: Planet Eclipse FR back in Dust Gold (not Earth!). £50.00 all in or £45.00 collected...
  3. Marc0

    FS/UK Midnight Geo 3.5

    Hi All, Took this in a trade for a team mate, would love to find a reason to keep it but it needs to find a new home. Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 in full Midnight (Dust Black) colour. Just given it a once over and found no issues, serviced the bolt, reg and asa. Bought and fitted a one piece Front...