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  1. Tom

    Skull Paintballs?

    What Bod said about buying on site Another problem with ordering online is what happens to them along the way, it’s added cost, via particular couriers willing to transport boxes of paint, and in uncontrolled conditions Basic cheap paint tends to be tougher, but variable in shape/size in a...
  2. Tom

    Titan Wolf UKPSF Cards

    Ditto on the recommendation. £5 for a Titan Wolf aluminium card. Gold ones for UKPSF members with 5 year memberships, Silver for 1 year memberships If you’re already a member then forward your welcome email with membership details, otherwise sign up to the UKPSF then forward the details to...
  3. Tom

    New to forum & UK paintball

    A worthwhile trip is to Penkridge in the midlands for the CPPS For sales you gain privileges by making 20 posts over approx 2 weeks, the instant alternate method is to upgrade to Platinum membership
  4. Tom

    Selling advice on proto gear

    There are limits on classifieds access, you need to make 20 posts across approx 2 weeks for access to be enabled Alternatively buying a platinum upgrade gives instant access As you have been a member for a couple of years, if you feel that you already had access before and have been lost to...
  5. Tom

    COD map: Shipment

    Part blue then
  6. Tom

    COD map: Shipment

    It’s blue and he uses a stick feed
  7. Tom

    How many post before I can sell?

    Slim P? is this you?
  8. Tom

    merry christmas to ALL the mods

  9. Tom

    BT Delta receiver nut and screw.

    The quick and dirty route would be a nut & bolt from your local hardware place You may get some luck by messaging or speaking to some UK retailers as they may be able to get them from suppliers Super5ives have some knowledge on Empires so could be a useful start (These pics just for my reference)
  10. Tom

    Buying markers from America

    This will happen on a case by case basis with each seller and may depend on the item and value. Once you have access you can ask the particular individual. I recommend that you take into account the time and expense of international postage, ensuring that tracking and insurance are appropriate...
  11. Tom

    What is necessary to be able to reply and msg to BST posts?

    New members privileges are restricted and cannot post in the classifieds areas or send private messages. The privilege is gained by making approx 20 posts over about 2 weeks. (These are managed by admin and have been adjusted on occasion so I may not be exactly up to date) We clearly know when...
  12. Tom

    UKPSF Contact?

    That’s the right address If you’re on Facebook you can give Don a nod here:
  13. Tom

    Air filling possible?

    As above, it’s possible with a stirrup pump and they are at reasonable prices now Do make sure that it’s a high pressure stirrup pump and has a filter (some are with, most without but they can be added) Into an air cylinder there is the larger capacity so you need to get a higher quantity of...
  14. Tom

    Do people still use old loaders?

    I still would have had my egg except I finally killed it, I’ve a Ricochet or two somewhere and a couple of Halos I moved over to Rotors as everyone else went to Spires etc There’s no true value in them, but someone old sometimes likes a bit of nostalgia and there is the non cash significant...
  15. Tom

    Freak Barrel Inserts Case

    I now use the exalt freak case for my inserts but I also have a set of ‘tool folders’ for my various barrels and I was using them for the freak inserts The screenshots are not the ones I have, but are a rough guide. I think mine were from Toolstation or screw fix Mine have lots of elastic...
  16. Tom

    How to smoothly kill a vehicle (1:15 min)

    I believe they are in Central/Eastern Europe There are a few ‘curious’ items being used in the big scenario games. If you’re looking for an interesting stag then Armourgeddon in the midlands do tank vs tank paintball with ping pong balls
  17. Tom

    Good job Robbo

    Enjoy the browsing - but treat it like window shopping : Gaze upon the shiney Gaze upon the other shiney Gaze upon more shiney Then when you’ve gained the privileges you have seen it all and don’t buy the first shiney thing you saw. Alternatively you buy everything you’ve been looking at then...
  18. Tom

    Whats the best gun to get for biginners ?

    You will need to have been a member for 2 weeks and make approx 20 posts contributing to the forum - this also helps avoid new players buying the first shiney thing, and to also browse & get some discussion in to point to what sorts of gear would suit their interests If you must have an item...
  19. Tom

    playing footwear?

    They aren’t as bright as some I’ve seen
  20. Tom

    Paintball computer games

    Greg Hastings has a series of console games There was a lemmings paintball game and a few first person shooters, such as Digital Paint Nintendo Goldeneye has a paintball mode
  21. Tom

    Hobbies outside of Paintball

    My things outside of paintball: Generally anything that involves being in a field socially: There’s the social side of big game paintball, (which is of course in paintball but out of playing) From watching some mates in tournaments I widened my paintball interests to watching if I have an...
  22. Tom

    Hobbies outside of Paintball

    Skeet is one of the forms of clay pigeon shooting
  23. Tom

    The Gun Review - The GTEK M170R ... By Jim Montgomery

    So many to choose from - and we all have different opinions But I would say not to spend too much up front (Too much depends on your financial situation of course) Any electric gun in the last decade can hold its own, and pretty much the same could be said for most mechanicals A lot of us...
  24. Tom

    Difference between airsoft and paintball

    Basically they are both about shooting each other for fun. Airsoft guns shoot 6mm plastic BBs, and began due to gun laws in Asia (The first airsoft guns were model kits that fired plastic pellets shaped like airgun pellets) Paintball guns shoot gelatine balls with a non toxic, washable liquid...
  25. Tom

    Full Kit sale, lv1, fuel tank, i4, sprire 3 etc

    No probs
  26. Tom

    Full Kit sale, lv1, fuel tank, i4, sprire 3 etc

    If it comes to the point that you may split some of the Freak inserts, I'd be interested in .680" & .690"
  27. Tom

    DOT to PI Conversion

    They would not be able to recertify a US DOT paintball cylinder to be used in the UK, it needs either the TPED Pi marking, or the newer international UN ISO 11119 The standards marked by the manufacturer show that a cylinder meets the relevant standards, hydro testing demonstrates that the...
  28. Tom

    All SOLD

    All received, many thanks
  29. Tom

    All SOLD

    Would you take £70 posted for the freak inserts ?
  30. Tom

    HDR t4e Revolver question

    That should be the pin where you would normally have a hammer on a revolver. When the pistol is gassed up the pin will pop out, and I think if you press it then it will discharge