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  1. k4p84

    Pistol + Mags + holsters + other bits

    Pistol + 4 Mags + pistol holster + Mag holster £200 Shipped Dye hoodie £25 shipped Redz pack £25 shipped NXe bag £25 shipped
  2. k4p84


    Selling one of my projects, black splash and watercolour camo anno'd by me. I will accept trades of CS1.5 or any LV1-1.5 but you may need to add if it's an older LV. Cash price is £400 or £450 with a set of Freak inserts.
  3. k4p84

    Kit Sale - Markers to Soft Goods

    Items can be picked up at Paintfest, I will only take it if you have bought it ! Payment is via PayPal or cash on pick up if I trust you to actually turn up. Items can be shipped via a signed for service, small things add £3.50, medium sized things add £5, big stuff or expensive stuff add £15...
  4. k4p84

    Marker stands

    A few display stands 3 x bomb stands, dark grey 3 x regular stands, dark grey All are available for £15 shipped
  5. k4p84

    LV with your choice of anno

    Selling an LV 1.something with a little twist. It is all prepared for anodising so here is your chance to get your choice of anno at a reduced cost. You can select from satin finish in single / multiple solid colours, fades, acid washes and splash, watercolour anodising. Marker will be rebuilt...