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  1. Tony Harrison


    @Bolter, were you at CPPS yesterday or was it your brother?
  2. Tony Harrison

    Unused Resurrection Cocker, £380 posted

    Unused Resurrection Cocker, boxed with everything unused - barrel kit, spares, instruction CD, allen key set, sock. Supplied with Hybrid 45 grips & standard grips. £420 posted - now £380 posted!
  3. Tony Harrison

    Forum Search function

    Hi Trying to help a Nexus player track down his old marker, as I'm pretty sure it (or one like it) was sold on here - but the search function only appears to be bringing up results that post-date the forum revision. That is, all the info that predates the revision cannot be searched. For...
  4. Tony Harrison


    EMEK, PAL enabled, used once at the GCC - with everything from new apart from the barrel sock, which was lost in the Birmingham mud. Was £175, now £165 posted!
  5. Tony Harrison

    Grand Central Classic & Paintfest 2019

    Good points:- 1. Amazing turnout of old school players for the GCC, including Tris (NWC) who came over from Australia, a whole bunch of yanks, Magued & Joy, and Dave Coombes ( who flies over from Sweden to play); 2. A ton of players who hadn't played for years came out for this. 2. It's...
  6. Tony Harrison


    Eclipse LV 1.5 in Gloss Red/Black. Boxed with matching barrel, unused spares, lube, manual, sock. Shot count less than 550 - I prefer a CS. £450 posted. , with