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  1. Bolter

    JT proshield faceplate

    Damn! I have a set of pro shields, but they have been extremely used, bolts are all rusted, the foam gives you acne and the lens is buggered. Any value? :ROFLMAO:
  2. Bolter

    nel-spot 007
  3. Bolter

    nel-spot 007

    Welcome to the forum! Can we see a pic?
  4. Bolter

    It's Back!

    i agree big games are a hoot! But, you have to really throw yourself into it or it can be a long ball fest. Went to one years back called "the drug wars" and you had to hoard drug packages throughout the day to win, by either finding them, or attacking outposts and taking it. Or as we did, we...
  5. Bolter

    Cal.68 Trap Rifle

    interesting :)
  6. Bolter

    Old registration

    deleted it bud
  7. Bolter

    Old registration

    you need to go into your profile and change your email address yourself mate
  8. Bolter

    Old registration

    sorted i hope
  9. Bolter

    Old registration

    bear with me mate
  10. Bolter

    Old registration this one?
  11. Bolter

    Wanted knee pads size L

    Hi wanted knee pads in size L if anyone has any in a good condition they want to get rid of? Any brand considered
  12. Bolter


    Whats the price good sir?
  13. Bolter

    Gtek FS removed.

    Ah thats my mistake, it was closed I didn't realise. I've opened it fully, you should see it now
  14. Bolter

    It’s been a long long time!!

    Admin here, Im going to have to confiscate that weapon, its too nice to sell on here and violates rule 497 subsection 4c any marker deemed so nice it hurts must be immediately handed over to the nearest Admin (y)(y) (p.s welcome back)
  15. Bolter

    Gtek FS removed.

    I'll open it up, just edit the first post with a new picture bud.
  16. Bolter

    Gtek FS removed.

    Wasn't me, but I assume its because account name doesn't match the name on the piece of paper. Its just to try to prove the account has the item.
  17. Bolter


    Some people love the eflex. For me, they're not quite right.
  18. Bolter


    I have a set of eflex's from a decade ago (or whenever they came out) I can confirm although they look like proflex's, they dont feel right, and the vision isnt the same. Just my opinion. Nothing quite like JTs
  19. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    looks good mate!
  20. Bolter

    New to forum & UK paintball

    Welcome Sergio! (y)
  21. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    oh yea I know, looks amazing!
  22. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    Its all good, the fog looked great too. Real arena feel when its foggy like that. Like you are in the eye of a storm
  23. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    Ive used all sorts of guns, last one I bought was an AXE, but Id love a mechanical mag, some really nice ones out there. You cant go wrong with Planet Eclipse though! Edit: also that field looks fun!
  24. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    very nice, cool jersey too! Whats your marker of choice?
  25. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    me too, 1996 I went with a work party, and was absolutely hooked! Played again 2 years later. And it `was easily once or twice a month for another 14years. You ever played a tournament?
  26. Bolter

    How many post before I can sell?

    so tell us about yourself? How long you played for?
  27. Bolter

    Good job Robbo

    Hi @Philip nice to see you around!
  28. Bolter

    New to the Country/Forum

    Hi JT, welcome (y)
  29. Bolter

    New to the forums

    Hi and welcome to the forum mate (y)
  30. Bolter

    Can this be fixed on my E-Vents Mask?

    i mean a replacement part, not the whole goggle