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    The Gun Review - The GTEK M170R ... By Jim Montgomery

    GTEK M170R - Episode 1 Reviewed by Jim 'Dusty' Montgomery – Planet Eclipse - £599.99 Along with Jim's other skill-sets, he's also one of our industry's top reviewers - he'll highlight all the plus points as well as any negatives, if indeed it has any. Read On people :- I have to say, there’s...
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    So, you wanna know how to improve your game? ...... Dusty spills his guts .... and his opponent's

    If you are serious about wishing to improve then one of the best methods is to seek counsel with someone who's been and done it … and then some ! One of our top moderators, Jim Montgomery [Dusty] is going to share his combative experiences by juxtaposing his Mixed Martial Arts expertise...