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  1. Mclovin101

    Looking for a game or team

    Can vouch for the player nice guy !!!!
  2. Mclovin101

    Leaving Sale

    Post updated with items left
  3. Mclovin101

    Leaving Sale

    Yes i have
  4. Mclovin101

    Leaving Sale

    Hello Yeah sure PM me details and will send paypal
  5. Mclovin101

    Wanted knee pads size L

    @Bolter Hi Mate. Hope your well Some knee pads in there
  6. Mclovin101

    Leaving Sale

    Sorry no its only just gone up and at £80 its a good price
  7. Mclovin101

    Leaving Sale

    Unfortunately one of my friends is leaving the sport and has asked me to sell all of his kit. I have all the kit so will be posting it. Open to bulk buy items to say postage All items include Fees but postage is £4 2nd class recorded as standard EMPIRE NEOSKIN ELBOW PADS – MEDIUM -£25 2 DIRTY...
  8. Mclovin101

    Mayhem Paintball essex

    Spoke to Owner who has confirmed £45 green fee that includes a box of paint Bank Holiday Monday 5th April 9-3.30 Book in via this link
  9. Mclovin101

    Mayhem Paintball essex

    Yes i believe you are right
  10. Mclovin101

    LV1 for sale

    LV1 for sale. Comes with varied backs, Serviced recently no issues. £400. + postage and fees included.
  11. Mclovin101

    Looking for a CS2. No team guns

    Looking for a CS2. No team guns Post up pic's and prices please Thanks
  12. Mclovin101

    Few Bits and Bobs

    Few bits for sale 3xl brand new empire playing top £22 BNIB Empire Heater kit bag. This think is massive for a backpack with lots of compartments. -£46 Empire Halo (Sound activated) all works brand new shell with lid. £28 Prices included postage and fees. Will look at offers also Any questions...
  13. Mclovin101

    Soft Good sale

    Soft Good sale Empire Gloves (Sold Off Forum) XL elbox - £13 all in XL Neo Skins - (Sold Off Forum) L\xl grind pants - (Sold Off Forum) Empire hard case bottle case - (Sold Off Forum) Dye Bottle cover - £7 all in Empire Pack - Sold (Sold Off Forum) All items included postage but can bring to...
  14. Mclovin101

    BNIB BunkerKing Goggle bags and Bunkerkings Supreme Gear Backpack

    BNIB BunkerKing Goggle bags and Bunkerkings Supreme Gear Backpack BNIB BK Goggle and Kit Bag 2 Goggle Bag - 1x Leopard & 1 x Camo - £22 all in Bunkerkings Supreme Gear Backpack - Leopard - £101 all in Can post or bring with me to 3man on Sunday Any questions let me know
  15. Mclovin101

    Kit Bag Wanted

    Roller bag or a backpack style?
  16. Mclovin101


    One has just turned up on the forsale section
  17. Mclovin101


    @Ryan Tyler
  18. Mclovin101

    3 sets of Events.

    3 sets of Events. All pairs will come with the lens fitted and a spare clear lens goggle bag peaks Pair 1 Blue camo mirror lens plus a Black frame plus clear lens 60 all in Pair 2 White camo smoked lens (the retainer clips for the lens are stuck so the tinted lens) plus a Black frame plus a...
  19. Mclovin101

    Black JT Proflex

    Either at the moment but do prefer old school
  20. Mclovin101

    Black JT Proflex

    After a set of JT proflex's
  21. Mclovin101

    New toy wanted

    Ive got £450 for a new toy. What ya got up for most things
  22. Mclovin101

    XLS Shocker

    What are these worth these days All black only used twice ? Any idea's
  23. Mclovin101

    FL Kit with carbon tip in black

    Sold im afraid
  24. Mclovin101

    BNIB Silencio Infamous FL Tip + BNIB Infamous Deuce CS2 trigger

    BNIB Silencio Infamous FL Tip + BNIB Infamous Deuce CS2 trigger - Selling as a pair - £160 all in
  25. Mclovin101

    Planet Eclipse Infamous Geo CS2 Paintball Gun - Steel

    Planet Eclipse Infamous Geo CS2 Paintball Gun - Steel This is just sitting in my kit bag doing nothing and could do with the cash for something more shinier Infamous CS2 - Steel Full FL kit with Carbon Tip Lube and Keys 19k on the shot count No Barrel sock but if its a deal...
  26. Mclovin101

    Looking for a Geo 3

    Looking for a geo 3 Let me know what you have please
  27. Mclovin101

    Paintball Gear with GEO 3

    Could be interested in the geo 3 if you choose to sell
  28. Mclovin101

    Soft Goods

    Soft Goods Empire XL Knee Pads - £15 Empire XL Knee Pads - £15 XL Empire Hoodie brand new - £25 XL empire T-shirt - £8 XXL Nicky T T-shirt £8 Empire Training shirt xxl - £10 All prices include shipping Will look at offers on multiple items
  29. Mclovin101

    BK Gloves - Never worn

    BK Gloves - Never worn Size L\XL Black and Green - £15 All Black -£15
  30. Mclovin101

    Empire Events lens

    Empire Events lens 2x Clear 1 x HD Gold 1x Gold Mirror All brand new Clear - £22 each Gold\Hd Gold - £30 each