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    Good Magfed paint!

    Graffiti is really good in mags! And can be bought from just paintball at £33(out of stock at the min)
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    Twitch CPPS

    It’s amazing that we can watch the tournaments online and they cover all divisions from elite down to breakout
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    Teams near Wrexham, Chester, Wirral

    Yeh out post would be the best bet if you can’t travel!!
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    First Paintball Documentary on Amazon Prime!

    Is this more than just the first episode as it was just 1 episode last time I looked
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    TMC troubles

    air in tanks are sat at 3000- steel and 4000 fibre. it does it connected to any tank i have tried. have had it open again today ant the sear is fine even followed a youtube maintenance video to ensure everything was back in place correctly!! and still doing it
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    nel-spot 007

    few questions first 1. is he going to just be playing walk on days? or want to progress to tournament level? 2. does he want mechanical (just attach air and a hopper and shoot as fast as your fingers can move) or electronic (needs batteries but shoots more paint faster. with different settings)...
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    Custom Jerseys

    jersey clinic is your best bet there minimum run is 2! there customer service is really good. avoid like the plague any firms based in India as the workmanship is subpar and even if you only spend £30 on a jersey you want it to look good and not fall apart mid game! dont ask there is a story...
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    Proper Noob Question (Battle Packs)

    Hay dude what sort of thing are you looking for magnetic closing? velcro? zero g? with your emek and your style of play id probably say get a 4/5 velcro pack with no extra loops! as you say that you only take 3+ hopper out a 4/5 would give you the ability to expand if you play bigger games /...
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    TMC troubles

    hi guys after a bit of advise so i have cleaned my TMC fully stripped and put back together lubing in all normal spots as i go!!! since doing this i have had nothing but trouble with her! it started burping (full auto) so dropped a little oil in the asa and shot till it stopped! now i have been...
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    Good Mask for Specs!

    hay dude i think it was me you saw with the fan! so i run an afi i5 with a Fanz kit that i got on ebay from Canada it takes 9v battery's its the quietist fan i have found.. I think I may have a spare or even a harber fan are you at NvS Homecoming in july can bring for you to have a look at!!