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  1. Growler85

    Gtek 160R For Sale ***SOLD***

    Gtek 160R in HDE Earth in immaculate condition. 24500 on the counter, has been meticulously looked after. Comes with case, manual, allen keys, pe barrel sock & about half a tube of pe grease. £310* posted (you pay fee's or send as gift). ***** mod edit - that’s £319.57 allowing for 2.9% PayPal...
  2. Growler85

    Gtek FS removed.

    Hi, I seem to have had my post for a Gtek removed. Can you tell me what it was that I did wrong? Thanks.
  3. Growler85


    Gtek in excellent condition. Comes with allen keys, PE grease, spares kit & manual. Hard case has some nasty dents & scratches, but the zip is fine & it still does what it is supposed to do, protects it's contents. £155 includes p&p.