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  1. Al Woods

    All Change in the Hot Seat at Gi …..

    Belly Slap!! I heard Billy likes to slap dudes right in the breadbasket.
  2. Al Woods

    Mental health - let's lose the taboo.....

    I’ve been with my wife for 23 years and she’s struggled with mental health and anxiety issues for around 12 of those years. It went through the roof after a car crash we had with a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road. We found that diet change is HUGE for helping things along. Checking...
  3. Al Woods

    P8NT to return?!

    BIG fan of this. Backed it with the extra contact sheet. As an industry creative I’m a huge advocate of trying to get behind and keep the good creative talent in the industry. Making sure we pay great photographers properly. Making sure we brief them the best we can. Because if we don’t support...
  4. Al Woods

    Planet Eclipse MG100 - MAGFED!!!

    The retail cost is £420, which is at the higher end of the MagFed market BUT we feel this marker sits up there. This is a purely mechanical marker so the speed which you blaze through paint is down to how fast you pull the trigger. It also has a dummy mag and PAL feedneck included so if you do...
  5. Al Woods

    Planet Eclipse MG100 - MAGFED!!!

    Calling all MagFedders (if that's the right term) our first MagFed marker, the MG100 is now here! Powered by the amazing Gamma Core–which really is the business–and based on the EMEK platform, the MG100 has been designed and built to give MagFed players super-reliable, high performance marker...
  6. Al Woods

    Eclipse MG100 - just saying

    Yeah, I work for PE, but as we near our official launch of the MG100 it'd be good to know what the MagFed crowd thing about it being released? Do you all know about it? Thanks.
  7. Al Woods

    A new beginning ….

    It's been great to be involved in helping with the rebirth of this place and what we've done so far is just the start... and it will change. The forum design will change. Some things work, some don't and there are plenty other things we can add, all in good time. The colours will certainly...
  8. Al Woods

    Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R

    With the resurgence in the 'old-school' formats there's a Mech War raging, with a few serious contenders stepping into the ring to claim the title. After the success and popularity of Planet Eclipse's GMek frame kit, they decided to go full bore and release a high performance mech marker that...