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  1. Al Woods

    Planet Eclipse MG100 - MAGFED!!!

    Calling all MagFedders (if that's the right term) our first MagFed marker, the MG100 is now here! Powered by the amazing Gamma Core–which really is the business–and based on the EMEK platform, the MG100 has been designed and built to give MagFed players super-reliable, high performance marker...
  2. Al Woods

    Eclipse MG100 - just saying

    Yeah, I work for PE, but as we near our official launch of the MG100 it'd be good to know what the MagFed crowd thing about it being released? Do you all know about it? Thanks.
  3. Al Woods

    Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R

    With the resurgence in the 'old-school' formats there's a Mech War raging, with a few serious contenders stepping into the ring to claim the title. After the success and popularity of Planet Eclipse's GMek frame kit, they decided to go full bore and release a high performance mech marker that...