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    ego 6 and a empire mini GS

    ego 6 as mark on tip £160 postedmini GS £115 posted
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    emek sold BODY still for sale

    £200 standerd or £240 with othere body
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    merry christmas to ALL the mods

    keep up the good work
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    cvo frame

    pic plz and its for the rxs shocker
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    looking for a ccu kit for ego7/8

    pic here plz
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    geo 3 and ego 11 sold

    geo comes in geo2 case £260 ego comes in ego 10 case as there proper case are losted ego £260
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    looking for this dm 7 working or not before i get one from the usa

    only pic i have
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    jt impules SOLD

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    CSL tip £120 ovno

    very clean price is posted
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    rotor £35 needs new speed feed bottle covers £15 each can post you add for post or pick up nottingham 3 man
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    BLACK 1 AS LEAK FRON THE RAMMER £150 ptp FRAME PAINTED £300 CAN POST new frame fitted looks better
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    thank you all

    thank you
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    empire mini

    got a empire mini swaped all sorts in it board eyes noid and it still some times gos fully auto help
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    eflex lenes £40 the 2

    1 is gold HD the other is clear £40 the both will not split
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    ego 5/6 bolt and pin all sorted

    post pic
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    as some wear shoots nice can post shoot count as been reset its saying 0006926
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    freak fronts /PE eyes / magazines

    freak fronts 8" £20 each have some marks on them PE eyes standerd £20 l magazines 24 off £30 there pick up only can post all but not the magazines
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    CAN post or pick up ypc walkon sunday or at speed add £2 for post