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  1. jim1962

    Mask Max £90

    Been looking around for a new mask ,using a I4 right now . Need something that I can wear glasses with and will only be playing woodland so camo or HDE finish would be a plus . Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. jim1962


    I see some great work and read about people who have had work done . But I know very little about it . If I had a marker that I wanted to have either just redone in it’s original colours or a custom job done ,how do you go about it ?. Would it depend on the level of work that needs doing on were...
  3. jim1962

    Sponge Glue

    The sponge has started to slowly come away from my mask. What type of adhesive should I use to fix it back down .
  4. jim1962

    BT Delta receiver nut and screw.

    Shopping for a pair of Empire BT Delta Lower receiver acorn nuts (19400) and screws (19401). The places were I can get both are abroad and bumps the price right up due to delivery costs . Is there anything I could use in place of them .
  5. jim1962

    Freak Barrel Inserts Case

    I have a set of 8 x 5in Freak inserts that came in a large hard case with room for the barrels aswell . I don’t use the barrels and I’m after a case,holder or a roll for the inserts as it would take up a lot less room . Any suggestions .
  6. jim1962

    PE Ego Cases

    Are Ego cases a standard pattern internally and how much are they .
  7. jim1962

    Etha2 Barrel Freak Insert Options

    Have a Etha 2 Earth and would like to use the set of Freak Inserts I have . I have seen a Eclipse FR back that I can get,but would like more choice and keep the same colour for the barrel. Any advice ,very much appreciated.
  8. jim1962

    Eclipse Etha 2 Wanted.

    Does anyone have one for sale ,pictures and price please . Thanks
  9. jim1962

    Holster for a Tippmann TiPX

    I’m after a holster too fit a Tippmann TiPX, Anyone have one or know were I can get one from .
  10. jim1962

    Mask Lens Colours Dye i4.

    I have been looking around for a replacement lens as the one I have is badly scratched..I play woodland paintball and would like to know what lens would be best suited for this . Also what lens do you use and why . Thanks .
  11. jim1962

    Virtue Spire IR Loader/Dye LTR

    Wanted ,without or without upgrades, Thanks
  12. jim1962

    Virtue Spire IR

    I’ve been looking around for a hopper for playing woodsball,doesn’t have to be to fast just reliable to use .The Spire looks like they tick the box’s. Does anyone use one of these ,have feedback on them or any other suggestions. Thanks
  13. jim1962

    Tank Cover 68ci

    I have one of the The First Strike™ Hero 2.0 Air Systems 68ci. I’m lookin for a cover for it but I’m only finding partial covers .Can anyone point me to were I can get a full cover .
  14. jim1962

    New Tank Less Than £150

    Hi. Need a new tank ,would like a Carbon tank but put a limit of £150 and doesn’t need to have a regulator.Idealy looking for a 1.1ltr tank . Any suggestions appreciated
  15. jim1962

    Ego 8 Settings.

    Just got a Ego 8, It has been factory reset ,are there any settings I can use on it to tweak it ,woodland use mainly. Such as using the micro switch or optical for the trigger switch .
  16. jim1962

    Grips 2005 Ego.

    I have a 2005 Nexus Ego with a 2005 Star Frame from what I have been told and a lot of Googling but need a new set of grips for it as the ones I have are pretty worn .Is there anywhere I can order them from or are there grips of another make or model I could use.
  17. jim1962

    O-Rings ?

    Were do you order your O-rings from and why ?.
  18. jim1962

    Pmr O-ring kit .

    Were in the Uk can I order a oring kit for the PMR.
  19. jim1962

    Marker £250 new and used woodland help .

    Had to put a max £ on it as only play on the odd occasion .Looking for a electronic woodland marker that will take the knocks ,mud and water.I know for that bit more I will open up my options but I have to draw a line somewhere.
  20. jim1962


    Came on here looking for advice and got it ! plus met a great bunch of people in the process . Whatever the question is or how stupid you think it is ask and someone will get back to you with good solid advice .Kudos.
  21. jim1962

    68 AutoMag /Ego

    Looking to sell this one ,sorry no barrel.How much would one of these go for ? Hope I’ve done this right .
  22. jim1962

    2005 Nexus Ego Barrel

    How much would a original barrel be for one of these markers and can you get them ?.
  23. jim1962

    Remote Line Advice

    Shopping for a remote line for a Tipmann TiPX. Few different ones out there,looking at spending between 30-40 on it . .Any suggestions on what’s ok to get . The remote adaptor is already fitted .