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  1. Bolter

    Sales post got deleted?

    Hello, its a rule 4 deletion from another mod. Scribble your forum name and the date on a bit of paper next to the gun (to show proof you actually have the item) and shoot me a PM and I'll open the thread if you want?
  2. Bolter

    Sale of new items in the classifieds.

    Don't worry, we can see that. I mean, you arent following any of the for sale rules currently, but thats another issue :ROFLMAO: , and one that just comes from being new to these forums. He is right, we dont allow the sale of new items, but it is discretional. Some of your items are new old...
  3. Bolter

    New to paintballing

    Sage advice guys (y) Welcome to paintball @AskJeevs
  4. Bolter

    Selling some of my collection

    Hi @Sideconch I know you are new, but it would be great if you could follow at least some of the classified rules I will leave your thread open, feel free to adjust your post. And if you would like a hand, PM me or any staff...
  5. Bolter

    Help with platinum membership

  6. Bolter

    Milsig help with repairs

    Out of interest whats wrong with the markers?
  7. Bolter

    Milsig help with repairs

    Well, any shop should be able to fix or help you fix a milsig gun, but also you could contact someone like or @k4p84
  8. Bolter

    new to thread not to play

    Hi mate, welcome along (y)
  9. Bolter

    New to the forum

    Welcome @Red Reappa , tell us a bit about yourself and boost your posts in the meantime :) You played paintball before?
  10. Bolter


    Welcome to the forum (y) first thing to buy, is a set of goggles. Everything else 2nd
  11. Bolter

    Trying to get in contact with Dusty

    Ah, you have to sacrifice a small animal and recite the incantation and he will appear before you in your dreams. @Dusty
  12. Bolter

    NXL Chantilly

    Damn I missed that game. I wonder if it will be on the youtube to watch later?
  13. Bolter

    New Energy 9Vs
  14. Bolter

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    It's all Dusty, he just opens the lid and whacks a few gremlins with his p8nt branded stick and stuff works again. Thats why they pay him the big bucks (Glad you're in)
  15. Bolter

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Yes I know, I've tagged in Dusty (another admin) to see if we can fix this, or find out what's happening. Please bear with us
  16. Bolter

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Everything looks like you should have access from my end. @Dusty
  17. Bolter

    You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

    Try logging out and then in again.
  18. Bolter

    Where’s the love for the UKPSF?

    East Coast Irritant, a very good long standing UK competitive team. Welcome back to paintball (y)
  19. Bolter

    Looking at getting back into it

    Welcome back to paintball (y)
  20. Bolter


    Thats just in the absence of being able to train every week, most ballers dont live 20mins away from the best field in the country. You have a great opportunity!
  21. Bolter

    this is ridiculous.

    nope they're a bit OTT for us too
  22. Bolter

    Vanquish 2.0 Grey/Black - £375 Delivered

  23. Bolter

    Paint Recommendation

    Best idea sir is to talk to the guys at NvS on the day and ask what they think. After all they are the ones storing and keeping the paint all nice for you to shoot. They will probably have done some drop tests and have player feedback on it too.
  24. Bolter

    New to the scene, help a lad out

    Hi Dan, sorry I totally missed this thread. Welcome to paintball and the forum mate (y) generally a very friendly bunch with lots of impartial advice from our seasoned members. Let me know if you need a hand with anything. B
  25. Bolter

    NXL Mid-Atlantic Tractor pull

    dont think anything could top belgium one year, was held in a ploughed field!
  26. Bolter

    Delta Force contact details……

    They have always been not very open with who owns Delta Force. All I can say is good luck.
  27. Bolter

    JT proshield faceplate

    Damn! I have a set of pro shields, but they have been extremely used, bolts are all rusted, the foam gives you acne and the lens is buggered. Any value? :ROFLMAO:
  28. Bolter

    nel-spot 007
  29. Bolter

    nel-spot 007

    Welcome to the forum! Can we see a pic?
  30. Bolter

    It's Back!

    i agree big games are a hoot! But, you have to really throw yourself into it or it can be a long ball fest. Went to one years back called "the drug wars" and you had to hoard drug packages throughout the day to win, by either finding them, or attacking outposts and taking it. Or as we did, we...