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    What's still available?
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    SOLD - Eclipse SL74 XSV Ego - Limited Edition - Gold / Silver

    Hey mate, ship abroad?
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    Leaving Sale. Price drops need to sell open to sensible offers.

    So is it just UK shipping or European shipping aswell?
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    Disruption Ego 10 Price?

    Did you get the price and are you going to list it? @essx
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    XSV SL74 Gold/Silver

    He lives down south, at Bognor regis and doesn't play paintball himself, no UK shipping either?
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    XSV SL74 Gold/Silver

    Allright, how about 325 shipped UK? Found a buddy who can get it for me
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    XSV SL74 Gold/Silver

    If we could negotiate the price some and we can find a way to ship it to Estonia without a huge customs fee I'd buy it
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    Dye carbonfibre boomstick

    Is this by any chance still up?
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    Heroes For A Day the XSV story

    A quality watch during an evening!
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    How many post before I can sell?

    It was good back then, it's friggin -20c right now
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    How many post before I can sell?

    As promised kinda went meh mode with not enough good clips. Any feedback?
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    How many post before I can sell?

    Getting another one up any day now, no barrel clips since I had a terrible day, I don't like the 6 on6 games, too much camping
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    Do people still use old loaders?

    The old ones usually end up at rental merch, for some to still enjoy them instead of letting them sit
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    COD map: Shipment

    A nice map, how was it with 7v7 tho, didn't get too messy?
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    How many post before I can sell?

    The fog was actually real, was like +2celcius. I had a tiny splatter on the lense
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    How many post before I can sell?

    It's a nice field. Unfortunately the covid took away a lot of people, but it's still a 30-45 player games. A lot of fun happens every time, but the noobish Mr Siim didn't clean his GoPro this time.
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    Small paintball game in Estonia

    Would've had a lot of barrel camera kills in it but unfortunately the lense had a paint splash I didn't see which ruined 5-6games of footage. Anyways, enjoy!
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    How many post before I can sell?

    I did enjoy my etha II for two years, but from that I upgraded to 170r and couldn't be happier. Just need a freak kit and I'm set for a while! What about you, what do you rock?
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    How many post before I can sell?

    Cover blown, haha
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    How many post before I can sell?

    We do play Latvian/Russian leagues since we don't have enough teams in Estonia. (First ever tournament in Russia ended like this).
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    How many post before I can sell?

    My name is Siim. I actually started playing because of my mates, who literally dragged me to field after agreeing to come whilst being drunk. I did not even like the idea of letting others hurt me for no reason whatsoever. I got hooked ever since. Did 6-7 events the first year, 3-4 were planned...
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    How many post before I can sell?

    The facebook pretty much brings people back to the forums with the spying on posts. But yeah, I'm one of those without a proper post count to post on sales aswell.
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    Hobbies outside of Paintball

    Any other volleyball enthusiasts around here? By that I mean the ones like me who enjoys getting order on the court with our whistles.
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    How old are you?

    29 and about 6 years in the game!
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    Pick one...LV1 vs RSX

    Planet Eclipse over everything
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    spire or rotor?

    Depends on the Spire, if its an older gen one, then Rotor, otherwise Spire all the way.
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    How old are you?

    28, playing since 25 ,