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  1. powell106

    Tiberius arms cqb 9.1 (sold)

    Open to offers A pistol/mp5 like paintball marker that can be hopper fed or magazine fed. 3 magazines and loads of extras. Been sat about in a box after being used about 6 years ago so will probably need a service or someone that knows what they're doing! This maybe should be in the older...
  2. powell106

    Tiberius arms CQB 9.1

    I have a tiberius arms CQB 9.1 that needs to go its been wasted in a box for about 8 years I would think. The company doesnt even seem to exist anymore? Its the one that was a pistol or a mp5 like marker. 3 clips and allot of extras. I have no idea what it would be worth or if anyone would even...
  3. powell106


    So I am having a clearout after years not playing the game at all. However I might keep my a5. Does anyone still use them?