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  1. Tom

    Platinum Membership

    This link should take you to it:
  2. Tom

    Umarex Pistol

    Paintball pistols do get chronoed. 320 to 340fps is within the legal power limit due to the smaller .43 balls The Umarex range have generally come out of the ‘home defence’ / police ‘less than lethal’ route and don’t come with the chrono adjustment normally expected for recreational...
  3. Tom

    Honest opinions on pricing

    Yes. Thats a quick disconnect with its own on/off automatically sealed, I think ProConnect were the original brand On a quick scan online new remote lines depending on branded or not etc look to be: Basic remote - £25 to £35 With slide check £35 to £40 ProConnect style £40-£45 (Obviously 2nd...
  4. Tom

    Honest opinions on pricing

    Probably yes The remote line coil looks to me like it’s the ‘self sealing’ kind, and doesn’t need an on/off slide check …… which might mean a slight extra on it’s value If you press a button on the side and it pops out to reveal a pointy connector then it is
  5. Tom

    Honest opinions on pricing

    The green one is a generic spyder clone. The air cylinder will depend on its date markings. A new 3000psi aluminium is cheap enough to treat as disposable and not worth spending for a hydro test. If it’s in date then it can sit as part of a bundle. Note that air cylinders are valid for 5...
  6. Tom

    Returning to paintball after 7 years away! Need some tlc tips on the marker!

    Good memory there It’s the ‘Etha Springless Poppet Kit’, and depending on manufacture date it may be factory fitted The serial number of mine bought December 2014 : 90230-36400 had it prefitted
  7. Tom

    Returning to paintball after 7 years away! Need some tlc tips on the marker!

    Check out the Eclipse tech videos such as this Spares are available from retailers or eclipse directly, you can use the original spares kit if still held. The first thing is to clean and re-lube (looking for any o-ring damage etc), then after rebuild check for leaks etc
  8. Tom

    Looking at selling my markers

    You can only list sales threads here: But first you have to gain access. Either contribute to the forum for couple of weeks - that’s by making 20 posts spread out over 2 weeks Or if you only want quick sales access then it can be gained by...
  9. Tom

    Tank hydro test dates

    Correct - the Pi mark means you’re good for here in the UK, and the 2008 born date gives you until 2023, so you can have it hydro tested but it will expire on the death date in 2023
  10. Tom

    Pistol recommendations

    The sellswords front end is the Opus kit here: The barrel needs a freak insert, and you need a donor Crossman air pistol such as this: I can’t remember where I got that from. Check the suitable models in the Sellswords information on each kit then look...
  11. Tom

    Any "Franken" Markers, Homemade or Custom Markers

    Cheers for the message & comments on the Facebook group, your pictures have been put up in the gallery
  12. Tom

    Pistol recommendations

    Umarex 50? That’s not a revolver, this is a revolver …… ….. and sat beside an Umarex Thats a Sellswords 3D printed .68” front end on a Crossman .177 air pistol, and is very under powered. I’ve fired the Selswords on the range, and the Umarex hasn’t had an outing. .50” is at a smaller...
  13. Tom


    There’s not entirely nothing to be done. You can go back to PayPal, and also to the police The default PayPal is buyer protection, but it also provides seller protection. Take your proof of postage receipt and the labeling of what came back. (This is best if it has a Royal Mail...
  14. Tom

    Returning to the sport!

    We lost Gommie a short while before Covid happened, the Facebook group that used to celebrate his customs has increased in membership covering his various worlds in and out of paintball If you have any pictures of his builds then they’d be welcome on the group, and if you have any tales then...
  15. Tom

    Rec/Punter Ball

    The purpose of not counting headshots is to avoid players being too afraid to pop out heads to look, to a minor degree it reduces the odds of being shot in the head when a punter takes their fogged goggles off before a Marshall can jump on them (Or there was the other original purpose in the...
  16. Tom

    NXL World Cup!

    There are a few versions knocking around, (and also potentially there were up to three ‘fights’ going on for various reasons excluding the ambush in the car park) From one of the teams it was:
  17. Tom

    Pods for Strapless Harness

    I’m going to blame most pod problems on user error I went to Dye locklids when everyone else was going to the newest shiney thing, and even though I stocked up on well used second hand ones (including a part melted squashed pod) they all perform perfectly well Locklids are tight because they...
  18. Tom

    Tippmann X7 whole kit Sold

    This was relisted in the classifieds area and sold
  19. Tom

    Sales post got deleted?

    Probably the lack of a proof photo - nothing showing tour forum name & date of listing
  20. Tom

    Last bit of really random kit

    Received & replied
  21. Tom

    Last bit of really random kit

    If it’s OK for pickup next weekend then I’ll take them
  22. Tom

    Mask Max £90

    No. It’s lensed, but the standard of the lens is unknown and the frame fitting the lens might not be good enough Many sales spam their description with paintball, airsoft etc but aren’t designed or tested to the correct standards. The lens, frame and all fittings must be able to take multiple...
  23. Tom

    Mask Max £90

    It really is a matter of paintball masks for paintball The following is a recent test by PBM Paintball Magazine of a dodgy set of goggles, it shows how something that doesn’t cover the standards just isn’t fit for purpose. With this set the lens breaks out of the frame
  24. Tom

    Mask Max £90

    There are no safety standards for airsoft goggles/masks, the only standard that is used is the impact level, and it doesn’t apply to mesh / mesh does not comply with the impact standard There is only one brand that states their goggle is safe for airsoft - and that is a ski style goggle with...
  25. Tom

    Mask Max £90

    Goggles are very personal, and even for glasses wearers one may work for one persons combination of head and glasses but not another. I mostly use Grills which have a slot in their foam for the arms of your glasses and plenty space around the lens If you time it well and get lucky there can be...
  26. Tom

    Sale 4 x bt4 markers new

    Could you add a proof picture
  27. Tom

    Selling some of my collection

    ‘Proof pictures’ are a picture with both the item plus a sheet of A4 with your forum user name and the date of posting (‘proof’ that you have the item) Prices are also a rule (even if a guide price that you would be flexible on) It’s not an absolute rule, but highly recommended that prices are...
  28. Tom

    South Wales Walk ons?

    SupAir is the inflatable flavour of tournament paintball ….
  29. Tom

    Help with platinum membership

    @admin assistance may be required
  30. Tom

    new to thread not to play

    Yes, your house insurers won’t be impressed when your shed explodes Enola give good information on storage and the approved packaging etc (Full disclosure - I’m in a sponsorship arrangement with Enola) The link below could help, theres 'Blue Jacket firearms' - their...