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  1. k4p84

    Banzai Cobra

    Fair assumption to say its the only Banzai splash Cobra .... in the world....... (Clarkson voice) 80 shipped
  2. k4p84

    Markers and Parts FS

    Prices on images, all inc Advertised on other places
  3. k4p84

    ION parts bundle

    ION parts bundle / spares and repairs Frame, silver body kit, body, aftermarket trigger (looks CP to me), Virtue board and eye (one eye wire is squished but it still reads), red bolt (possibly firebolt) I should have a basic feedneck and barrel to spare that I can chuck in too. 100 ono shipped
  4. k4p84

    FS GEO and LV

    Fantastic condition £550 each
  5. k4p84

    WTD - Dye autococker parts

    Trying to find these parts : Dye Izon sight Dye beavertail Dye mini VASA
  6. k4p84

    markers FS

    200 each shipped 05 Angel Speed - Sold FEP Quest - Lucky ACE board Gen-e - Sold
  7. k4p84

    Little clear out

    Prices include fees and shipping Advertised on all the places I know of, first to take item at asking price by time stamp gets it. ALL BARRELS ARE COCKER THREADED Pic 01 Dye Boomsticks £40 each Pic 02 Tubes on the left £25 each (blue on is freak bored) Tubes on the right £35 each Pic 03 £25...
  8. k4p84

    Eclipse etek 5 / gtek oled screen

    Eclipse etek 5 / gtek oled screen £60 shipped
  9. k4p84

    LV 1.5

    I basically never used it... £500 shipped
  10. k4p84

    AGD ULE body

    AGD ULE body, who has a ULE Mag body available
  11. k4p84

    Marker Display Stands

    Display stands with quick disconnect two part magnetic design, everything is better with magnets !! 20 shipped each
  12. k4p84

    Custom LV

    One of custom anno'd LVs is available, black fade into watercolour camo with black splash. 400 shipped in the UK Includes case, signed by Greenspan
  13. k4p84

    Kit sale

    Tippmann A5 bundle (Air system, Apex barrel, flatline barrel, 3 x loaders, body kit, stock, e grip double trigger frame) - £200 Tiberius 8 pistol bundle (pistol, holster, 4 x magazines, magazine holster) - £150 Alias Intimidator - £200 Freak kit (9 inserts, more than in the boremaster!) - £60...
  14. k4p84

    A5 + Pistol

    A5 with e trigger, body kit, flatline, Apex (I may have some more stock barrels too) - £200 shipped Delta 68 pistol + holster (won't have any 12gs) - £80 shipped
  15. k4p84

    Kit for Sale

    Dye hoodie XL maybe - £20 shipped Camo head wrap - £10 shipped Inception pump kit (unused) - £100 shipped Barrel socks - £7.50 each shipped Straight shota - £10 shipped shipped Smart Parts barrel sleeve - £15 for both shipped Stocks - £50 each shipped 12 gram changers £20 each OLD BOTTLES OUT...
  16. k4p84


    Goggles, starting top left going left to right… Proteus £40 BNIB black JT ProShield £40 Proteus £40 JT Flex Olive hard ears (no longer available) Black VIOS £50 JT Blue IZE - £90 SCOTT very orange (display item only) £20 JT Flex Blue with soft ears £40 EVS £90 REVOs faceplate is torn...
  17. k4p84


    Power Series - £25 shipped Revi black - £25 shipped Revi colours - £30 shipped (blue and camo no longer available) Empire / JT revi - £25 shipped Old VL, spares and repairs - £10
  18. k4p84

    Bags / Cases

    NXe marker bag - £20 shipped "Paintball" marker bag - £20 shipped Angel marker case - £50 shipped Planet kit bag - £50 + shipping or picked up JT kit bag - £60 + shipping or picked up
  19. k4p84

    Packs / Harnesses

    Most packs £15 shipped Redz £25 shipped NXe mollet pack thingy £20 shipped (bottle pouch no longer available) Some of the old classic packs are old and a bit tired.
  20. k4p84

    Bottle Covers

    Bottle covers 68cu / 1.1ltr £12.50 shipped for any of them. Marker sleeve no longer available. Old revi loader neoprene covers £10 shipped
  21. k4p84

    Pistol + Mags + holsters + other bits

    Pistol + 4 Mags + pistol holster + Mag holster £200 Shipped Dye hoodie £25 shipped Redz pack £25 shipped NXe bag £25 shipped
  22. k4p84

    Archive please

    Selling one of my projects, black splash and watercolour camo anno'd by me. I will accept trades of CS1.5 or any LV1-1.5 but you may need to add if it's an older LV. Cash price is £400 or £450 with a set of Freak inserts.
  23. k4p84

    Kit Sale - Markers to Soft Goods

    Items can be picked up at Paintfest, I will only take it if you have bought it ! Payment is via PayPal or cash on pick up if I trust you to actually turn up. Items can be shipped via a signed for service, small things add £3.50, medium sized things add £5, big stuff or expensive stuff add £15...
  24. k4p84

    Marker stands

    A few display stands 3 x bomb stands, dark grey 3 x regular stands, dark grey All are available for £15 shipped
  25. k4p84

    LV with your choice of anno

    Selling an LV 1.something with a little twist. It is all prepared for anodising so here is your chance to get your choice of anno at a reduced cost. You can select from satin finish in single / multiple solid colours, fades, acid washes and splash, watercolour anodising. Marker will be rebuilt...
  26. k4p84

    Kit sale, Angel, Intimidator, Automag, Dye Matrix, JT

    Some kit for sale, all prices include shipping via a signed for service and fees. 06 Speed Angel £200 (SOLD) Intimidator £250 Automag £120 Dye Matrix £100 JT Faceplate £30 JT pink frames £30 JT proteus £35 JT compatible foams, removed from frames so they have old glue on.