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  1. Tom

    Auction bargain

    Who wants to play a game? 1) How much did Tom spend at the auction? 2) What’s this?
  2. Tom

    UKPSF AGM 2021

    Catch up on tonight’s AGM livestream here
  3. Tom

    TM 15 LE

    TM15 Limited edition in tan, with custom TM Apex2 barrel Asking for £150 all in. Reduced to £125
  4. Tom

    TM15 price check

    Any thoughts on pricing on a TM15? This is the limited edition tan TM15 with custom TM Apex2 barrel (This came to me as a swap within the team of a different gun picked up in a bundle .... so pricing will guide the decision point whether to sell or hang on in the armoury)
  5. Tom

    MCarterBrown forums hacked

    MCarterBrown forums have been hacked. (An American based forum, particularly frequented by people with interests in old and unusual paintball guns, tinkering etc) If you have or previously used the forum then now might be a good time to review your passwords if you use common passwords...
  6. Tom

    Paintball scene magazine archive

    Paintball scene are publishing an online archive of the magazine:
  7. Tom

    UKPSF statement on Covid19 situation

    The UKPSF have posted details regarding when sites would be able to reopen for business .... Unfortunately that’s not yet: Hi Guys let me open with an apology from the UKPSF for the radio silence when it comes to posts on here or in fact any other Facebook Page. While we may not have been...
  8. Tom

    Prepare for Facebook arguments ...

    Is it magfed? Is it hopper fed? Is it old school warp fed?
  9. Tom

    Valuations please - on Gommie’s

    Could anyone give some valuations on the items below. These are from Gommie / Dave Walton’s workshop and will be on offer for sale with proceeds going to the collection, which is funding his funeral, wake and surplus being donated to a dementia charity. Spoiler alert - I’ve put dibs on the...
  10. Tom

    Sad news - Dave Walton, Gommie RIP

    Some sad news, that Gommie has passed away Paintball character, tech, designer and dabbler
  11. Tom

    Scuba air full calculator

    I’m just dropping this in here as it was a useful tool in the past which seemed to have been lost to internet history but I have just found it again This is the ScubaToys scuba tank to paintball cascade fill calculator: If you self fill...
  12. Tom

    Planet eclipse thefts - June 2016 & June 2021

    Details with models and serial numbers are in the link 4 pallets have been stolen in a planet eclipse shipment, 160 markers and pretty much the entire eclipse range of goods Same M.O. as last time.... This time even...