1. 6thFlow

    New to the scene, help a lad out

    Hi everyone. Basically I’m like every other newbie post you’ve seen. I need some advice and guidance to head in the right direction. I’ve been on YouTube, google and even gear websites just researching everything and seeing what things are. I’ve got fairly common sense and know what to sort...
  2. J

    New Player Needing Advice!!!

    I new player and was looking for some advice on buying my first gun! Should I get a new Dye Rize CZR or a second hand gun for similar prices to the Rize? I’ve seen DM13/14s or a MacDev 5 for similar prices?
  3. A

    TCR Selling Advice

    I have a Tippmann TCR which has been sat in a box in the garage for a couple of years. As far as I'm aware it works as it did last time I played. Would anyone be able to suggest what they would sell for second hand? There are no extras, just what came with it at the time, grip, two mags (Short...
  4. Magfed Joker

    Players in Manchester?

    Hi I'm 29 and live in Manchester. Any players close by that can show us around? Help with walk ons? Point us in the right direction? My flatmate and I have magfed markers but always willing to chat with anyone. Thanks
  5. KingAresIV


    I have been doing my research and see that there are two different style lids for hoppers. Original lids seem to click into place, and then fast speed lids are open with rubber 'spikes'. Fast speed lids seem to only really save maybe 2 seconds? Are they really that worth it considering that a...
  6. KingAresIV

    KingAresIV - Introduction

    Well, I'll start off by saying this is my 2nd account, because for some reason I couldn't verify my first account using my Hotmail e-mail address (never received the e-mail - tried multiple times). Anyway, now that's over with; I have played paintball various times in the past and loved every...
  7. KingAresIV


    Hi, I have finally decided to buy my own equipment, and want to participate in paintball once or twice a month. Does anyone know of some good places near Reading?