air tank

  1. Elite Combat Games


    Hello All, I am currently in the process of opening a new site in Northern Ireland, Iv a few items still to acquire before ill start building the site. I am hoping some of you may be able to suggest somewhere where these things could be purchased, wither it be at your own site, local site or...
  2. R

    1of1 CS1 + Freak Kit *price reduction!!*

    Seriously special treat for you boys and girls today. Prices are 'all in' with fees and postage. Will listen to sensible offers but am in absolutely no rush to sell! Should also mention that I work full time in central london with a slog of a commute so will not be able to provide Amazon levels...
  3. Billyboy098

    1.1l 4500 psi bottle with ninja reg For sale is my 1.1l 4500 psi bottle. In test till 13/3/2018 Born 2008/04 Reg is set to 500psi output. Shims and instructions included. £75 posted inc fees.
  4. Chin Balls

    Air Tank refill Sheffield / Bristol?

    Morning! I've recently purchased a new Empire Axe. I haven't played in years and i'm keen to get started again. I would really like to test the gun out before I head over to my first walk on next weekend at YPC near York. Does anyone know of any where I can fill my Air tank before the...