1. J

    Dye dm10 air leak

    Hi any one could help me my dye has a leak I've changed all o rings on the bolt and the lpr. The lpr screw is all the way in as soon as I start to back the screw out it leaks its coming from under the solenoid I've all so removed the solenoid and greased the gasket as it states In the manual...
  2. Louise

    Air tank safety

    Hi all, How do you make your air tank safe for travel? Should it ever be empty or is it best to always have air in it? & Does anyone know any couriers that will take them? Any help is appreciated :) (Sorry if this is in the wrong thread!)
  3. D

    WANTED - PMR 2007-2008 SOLENOID

    Have a look at the image, if anyone got one please let me know.
  4. crf95

    HP Burst Disc Leak

    Picked up a bottle second hand a couple of months ago and had absolutely no issues with it on the day, worked perfectly. I had it filled to 3k at a dive shop two weeks ago just so I could do some drills in my garden and I put it away after running it down to around 2k PSI. I was getting my gear...