1. Lo Scannacristiani

    Stiffi Switch kit plus some old school classics

    Now Open to Offers Stiffi Switch Kit comes with case and 4 backs in Angel thread. Backs are .693, .691, .689 and .687. All in good condition with no damage to the carbon fiber. £45 including postage. Evil pipe kit in old school Angel thread. All in good condition and has seen little use...
  2. Balls of Fury

    Angel Freak Back

    Hi All, Anyone got and Angel Freak Back they don't require Original old school thread Preferably stainless but beggars cant be choosers
  3. T

    Angel A1

    Hi, I'm selling WDP Angel A1 with barrel set. Angel needs ram repair/replacement due to broken oring. Price: £140 shipped/PPed OBO
  4. Mafney

    For Sale: Angel Paintball Gloves - Size Medium

    As title, I have a fairly well used pair of Angel paintball playing gloves, in size medium, also for sale. They have both of the trigger fingers cut, but do not have any rips or tears anywhere in the gloves. However, they are slightly discoloured on some of the white parts from being washed over...
  5. SecretSquirrel83

    SOLD: Angel G7 Fly, Stiffi barrel kit, Viewloader Velocity, Hayden Fraser stand

    Hello all. I've been hanging on to my kit for a while, expecting to get back in the game but the time has come to sell it. Up for sale I have.. Angel G7 Fly in box with manual, charger and accessories. Stiffi 14" carbon barrel kit Hayden Fraser gun stand Viewloader Vlocity (missing top filling...