1. T

    SOLD Empire Resurrection autocockers

    Hi, I have 3x NEW Empire Resurrection autocockers for sale (one is staying with me). I found them in pb warehouse laying in dark corner - forgotten by staff. Markers still has factory grease, two of them has factory plastic seal on LPR. One has scratches on HPR - probably someone replaced it...
  2. C

    WANTED any cockers kicking about looking for a project

    Looking for any sort of autocockers you guys may have kicking about, need a new project in my life, Lemmy see what you got.
  3. Adam.bbx

    Hammer 7 , pump , project

    looking for a hammer 7 preferably, although would look at anything pump or projects people have made , first strike , pump , bolt anything offers please TIA Adam
  4. dfr350

    WTD: Standard size freak back in black only.

    Must be autococker thread and black.
  5. Luke M Francis

    Can you ID this Autococker? (Dont know if right forum to put this)

    I can't seem to find out what Autococker body this is and I've searched everywhere to try and guess what it is if you can tell me that would be amazing :) Had to post here had could find a better place, Please delete if the wrong forum or place and message me of the best place to Post/Ask :S
  6. darkfirepheonix

    AutoCocker Resurrection, Dye NT11 PGA Inked ornate, Invert MINI

    **For Sale** Tonight I have a few items for sale due to a little 1 due just after xmas and the wife saying I need to thin the collection. This is a delightful AutoCocker Resurrection in Gloss Red/Black (I think its more pink than red) Shall we say SOLD SOLD SOLD Only one I personally have seen...
  7. MechMasters

    Mechanical Masters : Walkon 14/0/2017 (Robbo Approved now)

    So this has been floating about and taken down many times in the last few days but hopefully now it will stay. Mechanical Masters is here to give you something different. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport and here are...
  8. whuzak

    BT Apex 2 Autococker 14 inch

    Used once £25 all in posted PayPal fees paid.