1. Jacamo_056

    68 Automag New-ish

    Hi there, I am a current owner of a 68 automag. Think I've pretty much got the very basics of maintaining it. Just looking for any more information on it. Like a tuning guide? Or tips and tricks. I've watched the maintenance guide on youtube but I just wonder if there is more out there that...
  2. MechMasters

    Mechanical Masters : Walkon 14/0/2017 (Robbo Approved now)

    So this has been floating about and taken down many times in the last few days but hopefully now it will stay. Mechanical Masters is here to give you something different. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport and here are...
  3. gum80

    Automag Parts wanted

    What have you got?? Mainly after frames and ULE/ULT but will consider anything automag. Please message me with what you have.:D
  4. gum80

    Automag parts wanted

    What have you got? mainly after frames and ULE/ULT but will consider anything automag please message me with what you have.:D
  5. Gadget

    Automag Intelliframe

    Summer clearout! Empire Resurrection Autococker. Excellent condition. No barrel or spares included. £220 all in. SOLD to spartan0746. Airgun Designs X-Valve. Mint condition, comes with macro elbow. £75 all in. SOLD to...