1. Dantethevamp

    Axe Pro Upgrades - Thoughts?

    Just curious as to who has upgraded or modified their Axe Pro. Don't get me wrong, the gun is great straight out of the box, but a little tuning makes a world of difference. So far I've only managed the following upgrades: Lurker Bolt Lurker Poppet Freak Barrel Kit Post your photos if you've...
  2. F

    Empire Axe PDD

    Hello there, A quick question, what would be considered a good price for empire axe PDD (used)?
  3. 3AJ12


    Hey guys, got two Empire Axe's for sale here. Story time: I had two axes before, one normal stock black and one custom annodised + upgraded board (my main marker). When my main one started playing up a bit I decided to strip both of them down, and put all the best and best condition parts into...
  4. JamesWB

    Mini or Axe ? PLEASE HELP !!

    I am wanting to purchase my first electro marker but I am stuck with this problem; if I buy an axe I will not have the money to buy a carbon tank so I will have to get a aluminiun on instead, but if I cut down on the marker and buy a mini I will save enough money to buy a carbon tank. Which...