1. I Like Gummy Bears


  2. Mafney

    Wanted: Black Empire or Dye Playing Pants / Trousers - Size Small, to fit 32" Waist.

    As title, I am after a pair of black playing pants in a size small, or to fit 32" waist. I would also accept dark grey or something like that, just don't want anything too brightly coloured, and call me fussy but would ideally like them to be either Empire or Dye so it matches with the rest of...
  3. Adhajm

    HK ARMY TFX BLACK/GOLD hopper ??

    accidentally put this in the for sale but needed it in the wanted section, does anyone have a hk that would be up for sale? cheers
  4. Adhajm


    Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Titan - hardly used only played with about 4/5 time! in fantastic shape it has 12645 shots on the OLED which i got for it when i got the gun at the same time i would say it could be at about 15000 (pulling the trigger when not turned on) - £350 (includes shipping in that...
  5. Adhajm

    Spire vs HK Army hoppers

    thinking on getting one in red&black but what ones actually better or preferred?