bob long

  1. dfr350

    Bob Long G6R spares

    I have recently aquired a Bob Long G6R Texas storm edition from FB that looks like it was sold on here in 2013! I am after some spares/parts for it and have looked at the major paintball stores over here but find nothing. Is there anyone/place in the Uk to get Bob Long spares from over here or...
  2. uberjuba

    Bob long victory (frankenvic)

    Up for sale is my Frankenvic. Took this in trade for fixing a broken Bob that the owner thought was beyond repair. Honestly I thought this one definitely was but I persevered. So new feed neck off an etek that has been modified (honestly fond this better than the stock feedneck). board has had...
  3. uberjuba

    wanted. g6r or victory/vcom

    as title suggests. show me what you got
  4. NinjaDan666

    Bob Long 2k2 Dragon Intimidator for Sale £120 All In

    My Timmy is up for grabs. All working no leaks. £120 all in. Shooting vid can be supplied on request, I don't have any paint at the minute or there'd be one to go up now. One of my favourite markers of all time, but I'm stripping down to only whats required as my local site is no longer doing...